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The World Future Council is a new voice in the global political arena - one that draws on our shared human values to champion the rights of future generations, and works to ensure that humanity acts now for a sustainable future.
World Future Council

Despite having the means to tackle many of the problems we currently face, the existing global system of governance has so far seemed incapable of addressing them, often failing to adopt available solutions. The World Future Council will identify and promote successful policies, using existing networks to connect with over 25,000 parliamentarians, and more than 8,000 civil society organizations worldwide, arguing not for an ideology or a nation or a religion or a political party but for one thing only: our common future.

Goodness in History
Welcome to the 'In Search of Goodness' project! The purpose of this site is to invite visitors to share examples of goodness from history. Our motivation is the insight that it is not only a battle to survive per se that keeps us alive but it is the moments of tenderness, goodness and kindness that keep up our desire to live and our trust in humankind.

Our intention is to learn from the success of positive efforts by underlining positive rather than negative examples from history in order to cultivate a trustful and hopeful view on humankind's past, present and future.