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Discover Gonzaguinha! Gonzaguinha (1945-1991) was a Brazilian singer songwriter. He was raised in favela São Carlos in Rio de Janeiro by foster parents. Gonzaguinha was a witness of the urban chaos of Rio de Janeiro. He criticized the military regime 1964-1984 and he wrote about the killings of the street children. But, importantly, you do not have to know what the lyric is about, and you do not need to know anything about the biography. Gonzaguinha's voice carries "saudade" the Portuguese-Brazilian word for longing. This outstanding music goes directly to the heart.

Recommended CD:s
Gonzaguinha MPB Composidores (1997) Globo
Cavaleiro Solitario (1993) Som Livre
Luizinho de Gonzaga – Gonzagão, Gonzaga, Gonzaguinha (1990) EMI



Listen to him! This is a fantastic music.

Posted by Bjorn at Sunday, February 04, 2007

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